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Archive for Juli 10th, 2009

Delay in Atlanta Airport

Posted by Aji Monoarfa pada Juli 10, 2009

Lagi iseng aja nih.. mau nembak keyword Atlanta International Airport yang lagi hot di USA sana, lantaran penerbangan di Atlanta Airport mengalami delay di hampir semua penerbangannya. Salah satu pernebangan dari Atlanta ke Mumbai, India mengalami delay hingga 45 menit. Kirain cuma di Indonesia saja yang suka delay-delay jadwal penerbangannya, ternyata di Atlanta juga begitu toh.. Baca entri selengkapnya »

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Direct TV Deal at

Posted by Aji Monoarfa pada Juli 10, 2009

Are you looking for better quality of watching television programs? If you are, you can subscribe for a satellite television service. For the best satellite television service, you can choose Direct TV satellite television. It is a leading satellite television provider that will give you high definition channels to enjoy.You may know some websites offering the Direct TV satellite television services. However, you will only find the best deal of the Direct TV services in This site offers the Direct TV services at cheap price. They provide Direct TV program packages including HD, sports, movies, international, local channels, and DVR. For instance, if you like watching movies, you can choose the premium movie channels. They have a tool that will give you the ease in having the right program packages. You simply need to select whether the programs are important or not to you. After making the selections, you need to type your zip code and get the Directv quote.

Meanwhile, if you are living in California and searching for local entertainment, you can search in the local channels section. To find the right Direct TV in California, you simply need to select your city from the list provided. So, just go to this site to get better entertainment at home.

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