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Investment on Domain

Posted by Aji Monoarfa pada Januari 13, 2009

It’s not really about investments or investments but now you can even the topic of domain trading as a way of investing consider if there are only smart enough. After all, rising prices for good names and terms in this area be paid for years. An interesting overview currently achieved sales revenue can interested readers, among others, the blog under domain prices read. We can proceed in two ways, as you can detect profitable domains. On the one concerning the registration of domain names to new and promising sectors and areas (alternative energy sources, actuators, etc.) and secondly on the purchase of high-effective domains and profitable resale to interested end-users.

The advantage in the domain market is that more and more companies recognize the fantastic opportunities that provide top domain in branding and brand building on the Internet can offer and, accordingly, are also prepared, high prices for such domains to pay. Assuming that the registration of a domain 6 p.m. to 12 p.m. euros per year costs, the profit opportunities are huge. An overview of still free or for sale domains, for example, provides you with the greatest SEDO Domain German stock exchange:

However, it also in the domain area, trademarks or registered trademarks should be noted, because it is a domain owner very quickly the other fingers on trademarked term and can be burned instead of the imaginary profits with a warning note gepfefferter costs into the house can stand. What especially beginners in this domain should look out for business, interested readers in the media portal of the University of Leipzig under the heading “Legal podcasts and a free book on Internet law” through. Before the entry into this business idea is so: first to inform and legal pitfalls explore, then invest.

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  1. Maybe i will join this tips…

    Thanks banget ya.. invest domain yg banyakk… hhehhehe mumpung domain blm naik ke $150/domain..

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